A fused wall clock, a bowl or a casket will be an original and unique centerpiece in your house!

What is fusing?

Glass fusing is a technique used to join glass pieces together by partially melting glass using high temperatures. The heating is commonly performed in an electric kiln. Instead of fitting glass together using a lead solder, two or more pieces of glass are laid on top of, or overlapped on each other, and are exposed to temperatures ranging from 720 to 900 degrees Celsius.

Fusing in its origin, according to current archaeological knowledge is an at least 2200 years old process. In recent years it has increased in popularity.

It is important to realize that pieces of glass with different coefficients of expansion cannot be fused together - upon cooling or after a certain period of time, the fused piece will crack. Many people who work in glass fusing prefer to work with one brand of glass (e.g. Bullseye, Uroborus, Baoli, Spectrum) which is guaranteed to be compatible with any other glass from the range of fusible glass types offered by that particular manufacturer.

A wedding, a birth, an anniversary or a victory in a competition - bowls and plates made of glass would be beautiful gifts for every major event. These things will not only beautify your home, filled with joy and light, but will also be useful in the household. Taking care of fused glass is as simple as ordinary glass. It can be handwashed, but can also be cleaned in the  dishwasher.

A fused wall clock will be an original and unique centerpiece in your house!
Clocks are an important part of everyday life. In our present collection we offer unusual clocks for every taste. An extraordinary clock is suitable as a gift for any occasion!

Separate beautiful candle holders and coasters are made of sintered glass, and make a great souvenir or gift for lovers and friends.

Items made of fused glass are can be specifically designed as decorations for doors, cabinets, tiles, windows and mirrors. They may also be made as magnets.

A box fits nicely in your home. You can put it as decoration or to keep something in it.

Fused glass candle lamp fusing