Fused Glass decorative DRAGONFLY

Glass handmade decorative elements in fusing technique.  They can be used to decorate glass doors, cupboards, vases, mirrors and different surfaces. Let your fantasy fly!  The elements are easily glued with the help of adhesive for glass. They may also be made as magnets. The size is 9 cm.

Used materials: Fusing glass Spectrum COE 96 (USA).

The price is for one item. Please let ons know the number of the item you want to buy. The numbers are written on the picture.

Price €8

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Reviews for this product (1)

  • Cate

    2018-03-09 03:37:03

    How much are they in America?


    • Y. Leung

      2018-06-25 20:05:25

      I like the colorful decorate fused glass. How much are they with US dollors?


      • Admin

        2018-06-26 18:27:07

        Accordingly the exchange rate one dragonfly costs 5,82 US dollars